My DH is wonderfully supportive, but I wonder how much he really suffers due to my diagnosis of being infertile. He’s a ‘real man’ and has never cried in front of me. Ever. He’s always my pillar of strength.

When I told him in Jan that I’m late and possibly pregnant, he was so excited! (It turned out to be a chemical pregnancy.)

I feel like I’m letting him down. (We still need to check his side, of course.)

He’s so sweet, he said that if I feel too humiliated to say I’m IF, he’ll tell those pesky snoops we can’t have kids cause he’s done a few km’s too many on his bike.

I actually don’t want to talk too much to him about infertility. I much prefer to spend my time with him talking happiness and laughing. He can always get me to laugh.

He’s actually away at the moment and I’m counting the sleeps – only 3 more..