I found the following article about menstrual cycle characteristics pretty interesting: Menstrual Cycle Length could be a Marker for Ovarian Reserve in Patients Undergoing IVF

It says that women with longer cycles may have better IVF results. Also, having 5 or more days of bleeding before a cycle is best in terms of pregnancy outcome.

However, other studies on the same subject have found no relationship between menstrual cycle characteristics and IVF outcome – so please don’t be discouraged if your cycles are shorter and/or you have less bleed days!

But if this is you, then feel free to be encouraged!

I’ve noticed that a few of us have posted on longer cycles recently – OK, it usually lead to disappointment when AF finally started, but maybe we’ll have better luck with the next cycle!

Sorry if TMI, but here’s my details: my cycles are a bit longer than normal, usually 29-32 days, but I often bleed for only 3 days. Strangely, I suspect my luteal phase is longer than normal having tested with ovulation kits – up to as much as 18 days long. That seems very unusual, but not necessarily bad, I hope.

I usually had a day or two of brown spotting before AF, but since the removal of endo + endometrioma, it’s been red from the start. That must be a good sign, I’m sure.

Jip, this is possibly me over-analyzing everything, eager to find reasons why the next month will be The One!