Someone told me today that she’s pregnant and that it only took 3 months of ttc – “that happened rather quickly, wouldn’t you say”, was her words.

Considering that I’m sure she knows by now that I’m IF and also considering that her sister apparently had an m/c that destroyed her (the sister’s) marriage, I really expected her to be a bit more sensitive on this topic.

I obviously smiled, congratulated her and said her how cool it was.

However, I couldn’t help thinking: “Well, I can still become pregnant, but you won’t become any smarter or prettier..”

Why is it that people are somehow allowed to brag about how quickly they’ve been able to conceive (or in some cases spawned offspring), yet it’s frowned upon to brag about most of one’s other innate or acquired abilities?

Shame, she is actually rather sweet and I can’t help feeling happy for her. Truth is that she is probably not the smartest cookie around. I guess she’s really just a bit clueless and didn’t mean to ‘rub my nose in it’.

Ai, if only I can get that BFP next time I test it would be so much easier to cope with yet another upcoming baby shower.. At work, we’ve already had 2 cases of paternity leave in a team of 15 in the past 2 months. And another just a few months before that. Ugh, it’s getting on my nerves!