Mayday.. 😦

The fat lady hasn’t sung, but I noticed the first wisp of smoke yesterday afternoon. The spotting could almost have been my imagination, but..

I woke up at 3 am with that familiar horrid cramping and it kept me awake till I got up for work. Too late for implantation (it’s 13/14 dpo).

Yes, there’s still hope, but I’m armed with the usual shipload of Ponstan. It’s been better after the lap, but AF remains a pillow-gnawing, embarrassing, painful affair. As if the disappointment of AF’s visit isn’t enough punishment already for whatever it was I did in my previous life! (Note: Pity-party only – not my real belief.)

So it seems likely that this won’t be my and DH’s month either. I don’t think this month’s MaybeBaby wants to stay and be our LO.