Yesterday, I called the FS and he got that I was basically saying: “Clomid, now!”.

So I popped the first Femara pill yesterday evening and will be going for my 1st scan on Monday. After that (if nothing BFP-ish happens this month) we’ll give it a break till January.

I also said I want my AMH tested. The FS said it’s a good idea. He said he prefers to leave tests as late as possible, because, “a lot of people freak out once you start testing them as that makes them think there’s something wrong”. Well, not to worry – I’m sure the reason I’m not pregnant yet is because there is bloody well nothing wrong!!

So little sleep for me last night again, too many new things on my mind and I was feeling nauseous, possibly from the Femara? I got up to POAS anyway (on CD3) to pass the time and just to be 100% sure.. And so I could feel 100% crazy.

I’m relieved to feel we’re now going somewhere, although the day didn’t start out too brightly. I had a huge fight with DH – I think mostly about whether he would prefer kids and a happy me, or money. ART talks seem to often make us end up fighting about that one. *sigh*

Hopefully the day will pick up from here.