I loved it this movie!

It has a little IF moment or two that will break your heart, so do remember the Kleenex.

It’s a strange setting for an animation movie: an old guy who misses his DW terribly after her death. He’s lonely, tired of life and doing everthing he can to hang on to the dreams and memories they had together.

And Russel is a little boy who is doing everything he can to try and get noticed by an absent daddy and mommy.

From this unhappy starting point, Pixar takes the characters on a marvellous adventure during which they find new dreams and create new memories together. Although the movie is a fantasy, the emotions of the characters ring true and I think it has as much to offer for adults as children.

If you’re into animation, then this is definitely for you. Enjoy!

(If you go see the 8pm or 10pm movie, you probably won’t be confronted with as many women with truck loads of kids as you’d get on a Saturday morning.)