Clicks’s HPT is my favourite brand.

I have pee-ed on Dischems too, but I absolutely hate their brand! Their 2 pack has the following line printed on it: “To ease your mind.” 😕

So whenever it’s 2:25am and I’m sitting there in the loo (squinting at the stupid BFN and hoping it will magically transform into a BFP after 20 min) my eye inevitably catches that stupid “ease your mind” line. Boy, then you should see me freak out!

“Ease of whose mind”, you stupid marketer? How could another BFN possibly ease my mind?! In any case, I wouldn’t really know, but I’m sure if it’s a BPF my mind will be spinning even faster..!! Stupid moronic tag line! Bloody BFN! ect. etc.

At least the POAS test was a clever idea! It makes sure that you’ve already pee-ed before getting the result. Just imagine seeing a BPF result on a full bladder.. Man, I’d be soooo wet if that ever happens. 🙂