Some articles to show where I’m coming from:

Also, just google eight glasses of water study if you’re looking for more evidence..

If drinking lots of water works for you, then great! But..

I like to think that my body is usually smart enough to tell me when it’s hungry, thirsty or tired.

So unless I’m ill, taking modern meds (like progesterone at the moment) or have another health concern, I just listen to my body to decide how much to eat, drink or sleep.

OK, sadly the last one (sleep) doesn’t always work out the way my body would like. Also, I have been eating more than I wanted recently to try and pick up some weight – though it seems very strange to stuff yourself when you’re not hungry!

I often don’t drink a single glass of water in a day. I do eat fruit and drink at least 2 cups of Rooibostee. It just doesn’t make sense to me to force liters of water down my throat. (Though fruit juice and cool drink is a much worse sin, so rather go for water than those!)

Drinking litres of water is a very modern concept – as is the level of obesity found in the modern developed world if you think about it. I seriously doubt that humans have evolved in the presence of litres of water per day. Considering the lifestyle of the San in the Kalahari for example, I can’t believe the human body needs 2 litres of water in addition to the water found in the food we eat.

I did try drinking 2L of water per day some years ago, but I felt no healthier. In fact, I seldom get a cold, but had more of these during my (unscientific) ‘experiment’.

I actually think too much water is a bad idea.

It probably flushes water soluble nutrients from your body the same way that overwatering the sandy soil of a Cape Town garden is a bad idea. Now you need to consume more vitamins to keep up (obliging consumers that we are).

Also, who knows how many chemicals are found in our drinking water today? And I trust bottled water even less, considering it’s been sitting stagnant in a little plastic (!) bottle that’s harmful to the environment for who knows how long. (My DH’s lab is involved in the testing of bottled water – scary.)

The other day, my dad (a physician) mentioned that he has recently seen some strange cases of kidney pathology among patients who drink ‘too much’ water. Frankly, I’m not surprised that kidneys could have a hard time keeping up if someone is constantly overhydrating.

I can’t help wondering how many of the articles in magazines saying you need to daily drown yourself in water come from the bottled water industry??!

These are just my thoughts. If you feel healthier when you drink lots of water, then guzzle away! Also, if you’re thirsty enough to need 2 liters of water day, then don’t drink any less.

P.S. And don’t even get me started on that whole ‘detoxing’ nonsense! What a lot of hooey. 😡