The past 4 nights, I woke between 2am and 4am due to hunger pains! So I think I’m getting into the habit of raiding the fridge every night. How unlike me! And by the time I wake up for breakfast, I’m ready to stuff my face again!

I’m simply feeling hungry and thirsty all the time. I even packed myself more lunch today than I’ve packed my tall, ripped DH.

So last night whilst wolfing down a packet of Simonsberg smoked salmon cream cheese (yum!), I asked Dr Google for his opinion and found this interesting (if long and geeky) article on progesterone, weight loss and diet: research article on influence of menstrual cycle on weight and diet

My FS prescribed Utrogestan during my 2ww as progesterone supplement, so it must be this hormone that’s cranking up my appetite to such monsterous proportions?

Since I suspect I’ve had multiple very early losses already (the 4 or 5 luteal phases of between 15 and 25 days I’ve had in the past) I’m hoping that the extra progesterone’s going to help out this month’s little bean. And maybe I’ll even put on some weight. 🙂