A dark and frantic night is looming ahead! I’m writing exam tomorrow at 8 am and simply couldn’t and can’t focus my scattered ttc brain on the study material. So here I am busy with a final monumental effort to try and cram the semester’s work into a brain that can’t be bothered during one night. 😯

Sheesh, I can’t remember the last time I’ve been forced to pull an all-nighter. I tend to be more organised and better prepared (i.e. more nerdy). Since I’m not preggy, I plan to at least overdose on coffee to my heart’s delight.

And my sister just called. She’s trying hard to be supportive and it’s not that I don’t appreciate it. But I’m starting to think the one thing that would make me relax on this ttc journey, is if I could shove a textbook on Stage 4 endo up the ass of everyone telling me to ‘just relax’!

Sorry about this vent – I’m feeling terribly grumpy and slightly jittery from the caffeine already. And this bad mood can only get badder during the night that stretches ahead.. 😦

PS: I promise to be nicer again tomorrow once the dust has settled on my side! Phew, what a whiny post that one is and I can surely only blame myself for not getting my rear in gear sooner.. 😐