My FS, Dr Dawie Slabbert at Panorama in Cape Town, trained at Vincent Palotti and I can’t resist recommending him here. I’ve heard from other reliable sources that he has fantastic success rates and that I couldn’t do better than to go with him – although I never directly asked him about his IVF success rate.

He is the most compassionate doctor I’ve ever met and he’s very professional, although he is slightly younger than my DH (!). He answers e-mails within day and you’re sure to get lots of personal attention if you go with him.

Also, if I put my bikini on this summer, I doubt my siblings will even notice my 2-hour long lap in July’s scars (I didn’t tell them about the lap)! The scars extremely small and neat. The one in my navel was done very cleverly and is invisible. (A bit of weight gain around my tummy is likely to get noticed though.. 😉 )