News from the FS’s scan:

There’re two adjacent sacs and the one bean looks fine. No hearbeat, but LO’s measuring 5.1 mm which is equal to an age of 6w2d. That is right on track. FS (Dr Siebert) doesn’t look worried. It is probably just too early for a heartbeat. (Hoping and praying the FS is right – I guess you never stop worrying, hey?)

The other little one is not making it, sac is filled with blood – which explains yesterday. This situation does increase the risk for the healthy bean, but I remind myself of all the odds that this LO has already overcome.

My joy at having one healthy bean is way bigger than the sadness over the other one. Raising twins would have been an awesome adventure, but I’ll be eternally grateful if I get to say hello to one healthy little babaliefie in a few months’ time.

We’re hoping to see the heartbeat at Wednesday’s scan.

Thank you so much for the messages and prayers this morning, ladies. It means so much to me.