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Our ‘babaliefie’ is well on track – actually slightly bigger than you’d expect at 10w3d.

I’m still constantly replaying the lovely sound of that little heartbeat (168 bpm) in my head.

Baby was showing off while mommy and daddy stole that scanned peek at him/her, little arms waving and little legs wiggling. The FS said it was a good sign that our LO was so active and playful, since it told us that he/she was probably feeling energetic and healthy.

We’re so grateful. Another delicate memory for my heart’s treasure trove.


A dear IF friend sent me a message today to say that her 7w scan did not go well: an empty sac, since the baby didn’t grow.

How painful it is to mourn for a little darling who has giggled and cooed only in your dreams. How heartbreaking to mourn for all those lost years of a life not yet lived, with so many stories untold, summers untasted.

Dear friend, I know that the fleeting life of your little angel made an eternal imprint on your heart. I pray that you’ll remember not only the tears and devastation of loss, but also manage to hang onto the happy memories that this LO brought you in the past weeks. May you retain the special memories, magic and wonder of your first ever preggie Christmas.

I’m so sorry, my dear friend. You and your DH are in my and my DH’s thoughts and prayers.

I’m back from a holiday and back at work (uhmm, at least physically). Hope you all had a lovely Christmas too.

Just had my 8w 4d scan and our ‘babaliefie’ is right on track and has a beautifully strong heartbeat with 175 bpm!

I’ve been spotting non-stop since the previous scare when we lost one twinnie, so I tried to contain my excitement during the holiday. This was easier said than done around my ecstatic mother, MIL and other delighted family members.

Shame, at my family’s ‘Kersboom’ on the eve of the 24th when we announced the news, my mother produced the cutest baby things that she bought.. wait for it.. shortly after DH and I got engaged five years ago. Not married. Engaged!

‘Fortunately’ the horrid nausea was and is at least a pretty reassuring reminder that there’s a little babaliefie on board (that doesn’t like driving, vitamins, brushing of teeth, eating – especially eating Christmas dinner, not eating,..). It even wakes me up at least twice every night. I pack myself a ‘midnight snack’ box before bed.


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