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Yesterday’s scan showed that all is still well with our ‘babaliefie’. She now weighs just over 2 kg’s and is growing beautifully.

The gynae pencilled me into his theatre book for a c-sec on 11 August, which would be very close to full term – her EDD is 13/14 August. He only does electives on Wednesdays and his protocol is to schedule all c-secs for the Wednesday just before full term. I’m glad that he would prefer dealing with the unplanned arrival of LO (possibly at a very inconvenient time) rather than risk delivering her before she’s ready for the big world out there.

If our LG takes after mommy and hates the cold too, she’d stay in her cosy little ‘room’ for as long as possible. “Just 5 more minutes of snoozing in here, please Mommy!”

I’m doing well too and really can’t complain, all things considered. However, I’m definitely starting to get a bit impatient to not be pregnant anymore and to feel nice and normal again. And of course to finally meet this little ‘babaliefie’!

Just one question: who designed those ridiculously small urine sample cups used by the gynaes?! Oh right, must have been a man.


At yesterday’s scan, our ‘Babaliefie’ weighed 1.47 kg. She is growing beautifully along the 50th percentile line, except for her tummy which is on the 90th percentile.

Sounds as if she’s looking a bit like mommy then! My bump has by now totally popped out and I’d be a prime suspect if anyone asked “Who ate the soccer ball?”

As for my birth plan, having perused everything I could find on birth outcomes, I told the gynae that vaginal birth sounds like a good option to me only if it doesn’t involve forceps, hoovers or an emergency c-sec.

The risks associated with an elective c-sec is much more acceptable to me than the risks (to both baby and me) associated with these less than ideal ‘natural birth’ outcomes – even if c-sec recovery would be a lot less convenient for me. All things considered and looking at my risks for having a not so uncomplicated vaginal birth, we’re therefore thinking along the lines of an elective c-sec after 39 weeks at the moment.

I’m also doing very well, although I’m (I guess understandably) a lot more tired lately. I’m constantly at war with heartburn, reflux and nausea, although I still feel much better than in the horrible 1st trimester. With my favourite pregnancy reflux drug, Cimetidine, out of stock in the Western Cape (DH says it’s cause I bought it all), I switched to Ranitidine which seems to be less effective for me.

Highlight at the moment: When I snuggle close to DH at night and hold him tight (“lepel-lê”), our LG loves kicking her daddy in the back/buttocks. It’s the first game that LG plays with her daddy and DH so loves this.


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