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Just wanted to say that things on my side is not only fine – it’s totally awesome!!

Will post LOs’s birth story when (and if) I ever have a minute again. Her names mean brightest star and this couldn’t be more appropriate.

It’s been a busy week to say the least, as I’m having to cram the last 4 weeks of preparation for birth and the first week with LO into the same week

We brought LO home on Monday (after her birth on Saturday). She was under 2.5 kgs on discharge, but is incredibly healthy and strong. She sleeps like an angel and feeds like a ravenous little tiger cub, but without really hurting me. She very seldom cries.

Will give the details later, but she was born ‘naturally’ (!) and all went very well. Only hiccup was that the placenta was stuck, so I was rushed into theatre to get that sorted – which was not too bad. Had some lovely sleepy sleep time while DH bonded with our angel.


Before we knew it, she was here! Too quick for nonsense, c-secs, epidurals or episiotomies.

My baby angel was born 12:14 pm today (at 36w 0d) and she’s strong and beautiful.

PS: Weighed 2.7 and drinks like a milk-seeking missile.

All going well here, ladies. Gynae is happy with our ‘babaliefie, who now weighs in at just under 2.6 kgs – and with me.

Not so much longer before we get to meet and hold her! OK, hopefully she stays put for the full month that’s left though.. “It’s way too cold to come out now, little one..”

Finishing off everything at work is a bit hectic, but only 3 weeks (- today) of that left before I have 4 months of maternity leave. How cool is that?

Today my thoughts keep skipping back to this day last year.

As I left the FS’s office a year ago, those monthly disappointments were suddenly no longer just bad luck. It was called IF. I could no longer make myself believe that nothing was wrong. The FS’s scan and (invasive) exam gave away the endometrioma and other nodules that were most likely severe endo.

I went home to pack my hospital bag as we had scheduled the lap two days later. (In the hope of avoiding another horrible episode of ovarian torsion.) Would my hope of someday holding our baby remain a dream? There was no way of knowing.

Today I wonder whether I would have reached this current happy space if I started popping babies the moment I first thought I felt ready? Or what would have happened if I could have peeked at the happy ending of the chapter rather than having had to battle through those fears and the feelings of failure and loss?

Would I have been as grateful for the little blessing growing, kicking and hiccupping in my tummy? Would I have appreciated my wonderful DH as much? Would I have been as amazed at the wonder and fragility of a tiny new life?

Or would I (like my mom, I guess) possibly have viewed pregnancy and childbearing as little more than divine punishment for Eve’s mistakes?

I believe that there are journeys and nightmares in this life that could never make sense to us while we’re on this earth. Yet today, as I look back, I know that things have worked together for good – for me, my DH and my little ‘meisiekind’. I have such a grateful and humble heart.

As I look back at IF from the ‘other side’, one immense sadness remains: knowledge and understanding (at least to some extent, since I’ve ‘only’ had to walk the ttc road for 18 months) of the pain of those who are still waiting..


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