As a wonderful an adventure as motherhood has been, the sleep deprivation has been a tough challenge.

Till about last week, my LO was still waking up for a feed at 1 am and another at 4 am on just about every night – occasionally less or more (!) times. I’m someone who needs more sleep than most. In fact, my in-laws sometimes teased me about such a sleepyhead.

During the past months I often felt like a zombie, barely able to function. (Once I accidentally paid one month’s salary over into my Pilates instructor’s account, instead of into my husband’s. Whoops! Luckily she repaid most of it, thank goodness!)

So bring out the champagne! Last night LO slept through the night and she also did so the night before without needing a feed. She only needed her dummy a few times and would then drift back to sleep instantly.

It feels as if I’m going to get a large part of myself back once she starts sleeping through regularly.