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… watching a baby girl in a soft pink teddy bear babygro crawling around on the kitchen floor and playing with tupperware while you’re cooking dinner.



DH and I were having a lazy Sunday morning with breakfast in bed and our ‘babaliefie’ was sitting between us, playing with her toys and creating some of the usual random havoc and giggles. At some stage she was playing with my hand and putting my fingers in her mouth. I suddenly felt it! There was one very sharp little tooth in there. During the day, another little tooth joined the first one.

I’m savouring the last of those big (seemingly) toothless grins as my ‘liefietjie’ reaches another milestone.

Since I did such a bad job of keeping my blog updated, I’ll try to make up for it by posting pics of the last 3 months. To me, these are surely worth a few thousand words. 🙂

In the kitchen sink (2 March):

Struggling to get rid of thrush (13 March):

Pretty as a flower in her new winter clothes (23 March):

“I’m standing” (3 April):

“Goeiemôre, my sonskyn!”, on Blouberg beach (10 April):


Baby shopping (12 April):

Picnic in Kirstenbosch (22 April):

Clapping hands:

Eyes as blue as the sea (and face full of breakfast):

Daddy’s girl:

And one of my favourites.. It was taken on a cellphone at 4 am (17 April), but what the photo lacks in quality is made up for by the excitement on that little face! “Oh wonderful! Now everyone is awake, the light is on and we can play and do stuff!”

P.S. Thanks for the blogging award, Chops (! Will come back to that one when I have a minute..

The quiet little cherub that was content to view the world from a particular spot on the bed or floor is now a distant memory. During shopping trips and outings, my little ‘babaliefie’ is now a squirming little octopus that’s magically able to reach far beyond what seems humanly possible.

At 9 months, my little fairy is already 75 cm long (as long as the average 13 month old baby girl), yet weighs in at a petite 8.3 kg. She loves her food and is also drinking 2 to 4 bottles a day. She seems happy, healthy and (if you ask me!) gorgeous.

She’s never slept well, but we’ve had an exceptionally trying month. Since breastfeeding came to a halt (due to the downward spiral of lack of demand and lack of supply), she started waking up at night and would simply fail to settle again, sometimes for as long as two or three hours! If I would turn on the light, she’d be so incredibly happy and excited to see me. Exasperated, I started giving her a bottle in the night and that seems the only way to get her asleep again. (She has NO teeth yet, so at least I’m not worried about the effect of this on her teeth..)

It’s also been harder to get her to fall asleep. Lately she pushes herself into sitting when I put her down in her cot at night – and then she just wants to play some more! I’ve come to view the time it takes to get her drowsy as our special time together though, so I don’t mind ‘working’ a bit to get her asleep.

I’ve been quiet lately as juggling motherhood, work and part-time studies is taking its toll. After a bad night, I sometimes feel as if I’m hanging onto sanity for dear life! DH is talking about ttc number two, I feel exhausted just thinking about that.

Still, I can never wait to pick up my ‘babaliefietjie’ from daycare in the afternoon. It’s my favourite moment of the day – seeing her little face again after all those long hours apart.

DH and I love her with wild abandon, this perfect, funny little angel of ours.


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