Since I did such a bad job of keeping my blog updated, I’ll try to make up for it by posting pics of the last 3 months. To me, these are surely worth a few thousand words. 🙂

In the kitchen sink (2 March):

Struggling to get rid of thrush (13 March):

Pretty as a flower in her new winter clothes (23 March):

“I’m standing” (3 April):

“Goeiemôre, my sonskyn!”, on Blouberg beach (10 April):


Baby shopping (12 April):

Picnic in Kirstenbosch (22 April):

Clapping hands:

Eyes as blue as the sea (and face full of breakfast):

Daddy’s girl:

And one of my favourites.. It was taken on a cellphone at 4 am (17 April), but what the photo lacks in quality is made up for by the excitement on that little face! “Oh wonderful! Now everyone is awake, the light is on and we can play and do stuff!”

P.S. Thanks for the blogging award, Chops (! Will come back to that one when I have a minute..