Warning: Ladies who have not (yet?!) been blessed with a pregnancy might find this post offensive, but it is really not my intention to sound ungrateful at all. I promise. It’s just that I’m not made of plastic and it would feel like a lie not to post this for the sake of, I don’t know, niceness?

A guy once took me on a romantic flight in a microlight airplane round the magnificent Cape Peninsula. It was early one beautiful, perfect, sunny Sunday morning.

I skipped breakfast as I optimistically thought motion sickness wouldn’t be such a problem if I didn’t provide my stomach with any ‘ammunition’.. Wrong! I spent most of that flight trying to empty my stomach as discreetly as possible into a sick bag. (Never saw the guy again..)

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I find that to be the story of first trimesters. You start out on this wonderful high and then things really go downhill from there.

This time I’m actually not as nauseous as last time (when I was wondering 24/7 whether I’m still OK or whether to start running to the loo that very minute). This time round, I am however so tired that I wish I could just stay in bed all day. I am taking Asic (anti-nausea meds) religiously, but that’s probably contributing to my fatigue.

This morning, I dropped LG off at daycare and then decided to rather work from home. I somehow ended up on the bed and only woke up again THREE AND A HALF HOURS later – so lunch time really. (Possibly low on iron, as I was shivering underneath a thick winter blanket?) What a way to start a week. Now I’ll have to put in leave for today, I guess. I also put in leave for all of last week, so I’ll be running out of leave (and excuses!) soon!

To top it, I had the creepiest dream. I kept dreaming I was awake, but had locked-in syndrome or something. My mind kept trying to wake up my useless body and open my eyes, but just couldn’t. I only know it was a dream, since in the dream I was asleep on a train (really bizarre, hey Freud?).

Despite this ungracious rant, I have not had any bleeding or severe cramps (again unlike last time) and have so much to be grateful for. Most importantly, sucking at first trimesters is such a small inconvenience, compared to sucking at conceiving – I’ll always be painfully aware of that.

FAS (12-week one) is on Friday. Please, please could all be OK – and roll on second trimester!