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Note: I’m cheating by posting this post-dated post a month late.

As always, I eagerly looked forward to yesterday’s scan and seeing my little boy again, yet dreaded the thought that the FAS might pick up a problem – especially since the gynae mentioned at the 19 week that the little dude had bilateral choroid plexus cysts in his brain (which is linked to a higher incidence of Trisomy 18 and possibly Down’s, but also occurs in perfectly healthy babies).

Yesterday’s scan didn’t pick up any additional problems that could indicate Trisomy 18! Although LB’s risk of having Trisomy 18 remains a little elevated above the normal background risk for my age (which is 1 in 412), the FAS didn’t give me additional reasons to worry about our little miracle. LB’s back also doesn’t show any visible signs of spina bifida, although the risk for this is also still slightly higher than normal since it runs in our family.

So this is the best oucome I could have hoped for in terms of the assessment. Yay! Our little miracle is measuring on the 50th percentile in terms of growth, which is just perfect.

The FAS stressed that a amnio would be the only way to get a definitive answer on whether our little dude has Trisomy 18 (or Down’s). However, I don’t think I’d be able to deal with it if we were to lose a healthy little boy following an amnio (due to the inherent risk of the procedure). So we decided against it.

Personal news: DH has accepted a position in Polokwane, starting in Jan, so we have a hectic time ahead! I plan to stay behind (with LG) and first have our little dude here in Cape Town, rather than tagging along at 7 months pregnant and switching to a new gynae at Polokwane Medi-Clinic. My exam last week went well and hopefully earned me that degree I’ve been working towards!

Lastly, before the FAS appointment, I made arrangements for the scan with my work, with LG’s daymother and with DH – who also made arrangements with his work. DH and I got up early, dropped our LG off early and walked into the FAS’s office – only so I could realize we pitched a day early!! Worst thing is that I had the appointment date right, but the ‘current date’ wrong! Ugh, how could anyone possibly be that blonde.. or that pregnant, perhaps (weak attempt at making myself feel better)?

P.S. As we left the doc’s office after the scan, I turned to DH and said that I wanted him to stop worrying about our little dude since the scan went so well. DH just smiled slightly and said that he’s bound to spend the rest of his life worrying about our little dude and his sister..


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