Some pics to show what my lively little girl has been up to in the past few weeks.

4 September:
Spot the prettiest flower in Langebaan. (Hint, she’s wearing a pink hat.)

5 September:
Totally pulling off the just-out-of-bed look.

18 September:
How to do your shopping on a cold day.

6 August:
Helping mommy in the garden.

24 September:
Daddy bought the T-shirt. “If I you think I’m cute, wait till you see my brother!”

14 October:
Whoops, I need a quick bath after I threw up. Feeling much better now!

24 October:
Just the hat to finish off this outfit, mommy!

19 November:
Off to swimming lessons. I’d better look cute enough for the both of us, since my pregnant mommy sure isn’t helping..

Her mommy is currently considerably less energetic. I’ve been very tired throughout the 2nd trimester, which was very unexpected. With my little girl, I had an awesome second trimester and I even remember feeling very well throughout the third trimester (which by the way started today for this pregnancy!).