Note: I’m (yet again) cheating by updating my blog retrospectively!

My little man arrived this morning and he is healthy and strong, weighing in at 3.4 kg. He did so well – made it to 38w6d and waited for daddy to come home before making his appearance.

As with my LG’s birth (her birth story is here), there was no time for an epidural or any painkillers.

If my DH (law abiding citizen to the point of usually being irritating in this regard!) didn’t speed along in the yellow lane with his hazards on through Monday morning rush traffic, I doubt we’d have made it to the hospital on time. Baby was born about an hour and half after I first mentioned to DH that I think he might be on his way.

In fact, if baby came a few minutes earlier, the gynae would have missed the birth! (Hmm, do they still charge you when they totally miss the birth? Maybe we can save a buck if we’re ever blessed with another little one! 😉 )

I’m a very lucky mommy of a perfect little man.