Note: I’m’ breaking the blogging drought of the year up to now by a looooong post that is generally about how wonderful I think my kids are. I don’t expect the level of detail or the tone of the post to interest any stranger, of maybe even friend, but hey! It’s my blog, isn’t it? 😉 So here goes.. 

There are so many, many, many things we teach our children. But then there comes a day that your little baby does something you haven’t taught him or her: something your baby was born to do or born to like. Or born to be.

I find this part of raising kids to be the most exciting part of the parenthood adventure – or at least one of the best parts. When you first hold your baby, you have no idea who that little person will become. Then – slowly – as the years pass, you get to know more and more about the little baby nestling against your breast, the tot jumping on your bed, the little person living in your house, the little soul that was entrusted into your care.


Some people say you should never compare your kids. Well ..ha! I’m about to do just that. So here I will be revelling in the uniqueness of my ‘babies’.

I get that we’re not supposed to force stereotypical ideas of how boys or girls are supposed to behave unto our kids. Thing is, I’ve been reading many of the same baby books (like “First 100 Words”, etc.) to both my little girl and my little boy and I love watching them discover favourite things.

My girl fell in love with a picture of lovely pink, purple, blue and green soap bubbles when she was 13 months old. She would turn the pages till she found those bubbles and then she would stare and stare and stare. If you were to turn the page, she’d instantly page back to those beloved bubbles. Ever since, she’s been in love with everything that’s round (specific mention required here of balls and balloons), pink and pretty. She also loves flowers, ducks, bunnies, butterflies.. you get the drift.

My boy was about 13 months old when he fell in love with a picture – of a yellow front loader-bulldozer-type thing. Other favourites followed: cars, tractors, everything with wheels, elephants.. What can I say?

More on my girl


I love seeing my little girl’s creative flair in action. She was fifteen months old when she took a bunch of balloons and ‘arranged’ them so that they were decorating our (previously dull) couch. (She would make ‘Bambi eyes’ in the mall at every Spur or Wimpy waiter standing in front of a bunch of promotional balloons.)



My girl is a perfectionist. When she started building towers with cubes, those blocks had to be perfectly aligned. She’d become very upset if she struggled to line them up with those tiny, clumsy hands. The downside of this is that she clearly dislikes failure and will avoid things she might not succeed at.

She’s generally a pretty tough cookie. She took teething in her stride. After falling over, she’d usually be more concerned about what happened to the bottle or duck she was carrying than the damage done to her knees or the bump on her head. After taking a tumble, she’d sometimes look a bit embarrassed and say: ‘Ooapsie’. At her 18 months vaccinations, she watched in fascination as the clinic sister gave her multiple jabs – without shedding a tear. She moaned a little afterwards as the Prevenar’s sting kicked in, but that was it. (She has some sensory issues though, so she’d cry blue murder when I washed her hair or bushed her teeth! Go figure.)

She can be very eager to please and love it when I tell her that I’m proud of her. Ask her to help with a chore however, and she might be reduced to tears! She can spend the entire day packing toys, seeds, nappies, rocks or whatever into various containers, buckets, strollers, bags, but just try asking her to put away her toys. Go ahead, I dare you to give it a try! ;-D She’s a little whirlwind blowing through my house.

She loves mixing-and-matching her shoes.  No, not with clothes.  Just with other shoes..  sigh.  We often go out with her looking like this:IMAG0369
Give her a sweetie and she’ll save it for later. Give her a few sweeties and she might eat some, but she’ll definitely be saving the rest for a rainy ‘day’.

She has developed the most entertaining, endearing imagination! Somewhere before her second birthday she started engaging in pretend play: blocks strung together would become a train and a ball in a cup would become a cup of tea to be offered to mommy.

Her ‘lovey’ is an ugly little duckling that we’ve ‘adopted’ (or bought in Clicks after her vaccinations) when she turned one.


Her little duck was soon her best friend and took an active part in every day’s adventures. She refused to go anywhere without ‘Tietatjie’ and it sometimes felt as if I spent half of my waking hours looking for the little duck. Still, I felt so sad when she looked at me one day (when she was 2 and half) and told me that her duck was just a toy. For a month or so, little duck was ignored by her fickle friend as my girl seemed to struggle with the disappointment of having discovered this painful truth. In some crazy mommy moments I almost consoled the rejected little duck! The friendship did resume after a month or two, but she now seems to be drawing comfort from a familiar ‘face’ when she holds ‘Tietatjie’, as opposed to sharing her life with a best friend forever.

She is generally a caring little girl. In January, we were in the midst of serious potty training when she had a little accident in a favourite panty with a teddy bear picture in front. “Is jy ôlwaait, beertjie” (“Are you all right, little bear”), she asked as she inspected the ‘water damage’. She seemed happy when I pointed out that only the bear’s feet got a bit wet. 🙂IMAG0286

For the past month or two, she’s been rather consistently calling herself ‘The Green Zebra’. And baby brother is ‘The Purple Zebra’. When asked where little brother is, she once replied that “The Purple Zebra is cutting the grass with his pink lawnmower”. A glance through the window confirmed that baby brother was walking outside on the grass with my little girl’s little pink toy stroller!
The other day I was pushing her on the swing. “The Green Zebra is floating on the ocean in a tiny boat”, she told me. “The Green Zebra’s hair is waving in the wind,” she said. “Like the ocean waves..”

She’s a cautious and careful little girl. She’s most likely an introvert and I whenever I find her daydreaming, I so wish I could read the thoughts behind those big, dreamy, blue eyes.

More on my boy
First thoughts on my boy are that he is such a cheerful little soul! He’s full of giggles and ‘baby jokes’.

He is less interested in stories than my girl and seems to have a shorter attention span, but he loves figuring out how things work. Every button needs to be pushed, every lever pulled. While pushing my little girl’s pink stroller, he’ll stop, turn it upside down and remove a stick that got stuck in one of the wheels.

Even before my boy could walk properly, he started refusing to crawl. He’d be giving one or two steps, fall over, get up and try again. All freaking day long. We had lots of frustrated tears as he struggled to get where he wanted to be. Nowadays (at 15 months old), he seldom walks. He sort of shifts his weight forwards and then runs off hurriedly with those tiny feet trying to keep up with the momentum of his chubby body.

Teething turned my boy into a wailing little teething monster of misery and despair. In his defense, he already had 16 teeth just before he turned 15 months old. He cut those canines and first molars at the same time. He also ran fevers and became sick when he was teething.

He is a lot more likely than my girl to bawl his little eyes out after bumps or falls. But once those tears are wiped away, he’ll be giving that same bad idea another go!

He’s extremely eager to help around the house. He loves brooms and will eagerly tidy up when asked. He will close drawers and cupboard doors behind him – and even behind me!

My boy has lately ‘courted’ his daddy rather successfully and I love watching the growing bond between daddy and his boy. However, for now he is still unmistakably ‘mommy’s boy’.