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On Friday, the gynae simply shook his head and said he was giving up on getting a nice picture of our ‘woelwatertjie’.. Every photo was just a blur of activity!

Oh dear, I’m starting to wonder whether LG is going to be bouncing off the walls once she’s a baby too – just in bigger rooms?

“Hey, now listen to mommy, Liefie – a little sleepyhead baby (like mommy was) is way cute too!”

At least the gynae managed to take her measurements and she is right on schedule – 761g and perfect.

I’m writing a UNISA exam on Friday, so maybe when I get to relax more after the exam (not that I really feel stressed out), so will LG. However, since each of the 3 docs who scanned her have commented on her very, very high activity level (ever since her 8w scan), I wonder whether we are in for a bit of a challenge here!

I’m starting to practise saying the following phrase in my sleep: “Your daughter clearly takes after you, Daddy. It’s your turn to get up..”

It happened during the past week! I can feel ?her moving! And it’s awesome.

And my, is she a busy little bee. Hehe, she seems especially active when I’m visiting hardware stores with DH (who’s working like a busy bee on her nursery).

I’m telling DH that if she’s a peaceful, relaxed baby who sleeps well, then she’s taking after her mommy. Otherwise, she’s his kiddy and he’d have to help out during those longs nights 😉


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