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The good news is that 50 mg of Clomid was once again enough to make me fire off loads of follies.

Problem is that there seems to be 5 in the running this month, not counting a 24 mm ‘follie’ that is more likely a cyst. Things might change between now and Friday, but the FS won’t do IUI if there’s 5 or more follies and also wouldn’t want us to try on our own.

We could switch to IVF, but it seems like lots of effort and cost for ‘only’ 5 follies? – not wanting to sound ungrateful, of course. We’ll save about R10K on stimming meds, but the rest of the cost and effort is still the same.

The excellent news is that 100 mg of Clomid might be enough stims for me if we want to do IVF next cycle. The less good news is that I’m maybe a bit too hyper for us to try more Clomid IUIs in future.

Homework question to me and DH is whether to switch to IVF this month if there’s 5 Clomid follies at Wednesday’s scan? So we’ve got to ask ourselves: are you feeling lucky?


I started Clomid on Monday, seeing the FS next Monday for CD10 scan. IUI should be around 20 November – if all the right ‘stars line up’ nicely (figure of speech, not a true belief) for me and DH this month.

Phew, ever feel like you’re not gonna survive the 2ww this time round?

I’ve been fine on Clomid, the Ovidrel didn’t bother me, but I those damned Utrogestan tabs.. Ever since I first saw those pills, I’ve been ravenously hungry and thirsty. By now, I’m both nauseous and hungry most of the time.

I have heartburn, but maybe that’s because I’m constantly craving (and devouring) olives, capers and the vinegar pickle they come in. Yesterday I left home late for work, but still had to stop to pick up yet another jar of olives on my way to work. I finished half of it before I even reached the office. (Without getting too much oil on my steering wheel, I’m proud to say.)

I POAS this morning at 11 dpo. And it’s just too early, right? Right?

I’ve already got my luckiest panty laid out for when I go for the beta on Friday, but to be honest: if my chances are 15% for this IUI cycle (let’s be optimistic and forget about my age!), it’s still easier to imagine 85% happening than 15%!

It breaks my heart when my DH prays every night that I be pregnant by Christmas so we can have a happy time with the family.

Soon as the FS saw my CD10 scan image, he said, “Wait till you see this!” He turned the screen around to show me. Three huge follies and another large one that looks eager to play along.

He said I’m one of the lucky girls who probably only needs to read the Clomid dosage instructions to start firing off additional follies.

We’ll scan again on Wednesday and we’re hoping the 4th follie decides to sit this one out. Otherwise our chances of an instant family are a bit steep. DH is of course saying we should go for it, even if there’s 4.. (What would you ladies do??)

The lining is only 5 mm, but the FS says there’s still enough time for it to get to 7 mm.

Although four follies ‘doesn’t a pregnancy make’ and we might sadly have to sit this cycle out, it means there’s still sand in my slightly ancient hourglass. Oh and also not an endometrioma in sight. All excellent news!

Sjoe, I’m feeling so relieved.


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