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The scan showed 5 promising follies: 2x 18mm, 1x 19mm, 1x 21mm and 1x giant of 27mm. So three excellent ones and two more that wants to play with. Lining is just over 7mm, which should be good enough.

Considering my age, endo and history, the FS says to go for it! So Ovidrel tonight and we’ll be trying to nail one (and hopefully only one, maybe two) of those follies with IUI on Friday.

Second time lucky would be bestest Christmas prezzie ever.


The good news is that 50 mg of Clomid was once again enough to make me fire off loads of follies.

Problem is that there seems to be 5 in the running this month, not counting a 24 mm ‘follie’ that is more likely a cyst. Things might change between now and Friday, but the FS won’t do IUI if there’s 5 or more follies and also wouldn’t want us to try on our own.

We could switch to IVF, but it seems like lots of effort and cost for ‘only’ 5 follies? – not wanting to sound ungrateful, of course. We’ll save about R10K on stimming meds, but the rest of the cost and effort is still the same.

The excellent news is that 100 mg of Clomid might be enough stims for me if we want to do IVF next cycle. The less good news is that I’m maybe a bit too hyper for us to try more Clomid IUIs in future.

Homework question to me and DH is whether to switch to IVF this month if there’s 5 Clomid follies at Wednesday’s scan? So we’ve got to ask ourselves: are you feeling lucky?

I started Clomid on Monday, seeing the FS next Monday for CD10 scan. IUI should be around 20 November – if all the right ‘stars line up’ nicely (figure of speech, not a true belief) for me and DH this month.

Last Thursday (the night before my 1st IUI), I came home to find my solid rock of a DH completely freaked. He panicked they’d have a mix up in the lab (he’s a lab rat himself) and we’d end up with a kiddie of the wrong race or something.

DH wanted to call the whole thing off! I called my dear FS at 9 pm and he listened patiently, came up with various solutions and calmed us down.

I think the tantrum was in part due to DHs internal struggle to cope with the situation. When I stood in front of my closet Thursday night, as always muttering to myself that I have nothing to wear the next day, DH piped up from the side: “You should wear your sexy, black teddy. I always wanted you to wear that when we conceive our first child..” So I held him tight as we laughed at the little joke and cried at the loss of one dream and the birth of another.

Friday was plain sailing and the procedure was over in the wink of an eye. (No, I didn’t wear that teddy!)

Amazingly, instead of scurrying off to answer e-mails afterwards, my sweet FS started chatting. We were talking about Sharon’s terrible loss, life, our jobs, God, dreams, disappointments..

When we glanced at the watch, more than 30 minutes had already passed. I got up feeling relaxed, hopeful, counselled and in awe of my FS. I called DH and reassured him that everything will be fine, one way or another.

Who knows whether I have a tummy full of triplets or no LO at all? Although the wait is on and the pressure is likely to start increasing soon, DH and I had grateful hearts and enjoyed a blissful weekend in the Karoo.

P.S. Please note that the reason I mentioned that popping a kiddie from a different race would be a problem, is that just imagine the amount of crap we’d get from everybody if that were to happen? Especially if we were less than open about how we got that BFP before the birth..


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