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5 months old

Little teddy of 6 months old

Lazing in the afternoon sun

Time for a bath 😉
(at 7 months old)

Scrunching up that little nose

Hoping for a kiss from a princess

8 months old

I’ve grown sooo big


Oh dear, has my blog been quiet?

Life happens while you’re making plans to blog about it..

It’s late and I should be off to bed. In another hour or so, my baby boy will wake up hungry. In a few more hours my little girl will wake up in a playful mood (if she sleeps through the night).

But first, I had to capture today’s (or by now really yesterday’s) afternoon. It gives a glimpse on my life now, here.

My little girl is sitting on the swing in our garden. She’s wearing her pretty new jeans. The legs are too long for her and I’ve folded them double at the bottom. Her one arm is holding on tightly to the soft toy duck on her lap. Her other arm is gesturing how high she wants me to push her. The slanted autumn sun snuggles idly against my back. The rays of the sun draw shadows on the wall of a little girl swinging up and down, up and down.

My baby boy lies next to the swing on the thick, green grass. His eyes follow two ring-necked doves as they rise from the thatched roof of the lapa to a tree. Above his head, green and gold leaves rustle in the afternoon breeze. The blue of the sky reflects in his eyes as he coos contentedly.

Later on, my little girl and I sit on the blanket next to our baby. I peel an orange for us while we wait for daddy to come home. My little girl feeds a juicy piece to her duck before she shoves a strip of orange peel under her brother’s nose. He flashes a delighted grin as his tiny nose detects the citrusy fragrance.

My girl pulls her sun hat with the pink flowers down over her eyes in a game of peek-a-boo. She ‘surprises’ me by attacking me from behind and clasp her arms around my shoulders. She runs like the wind towards the lapa to watch a nervous lizard scamper up the brick wall. Her daddy arrives and they kick her big plastic ball around on the grass.

When evening falls tonight, the blood red African sun will be setting on us here in this new town and on our new home – and on the picture of one perfect afternoon.

“Van al my liggeel dae
teken ek hierdie een op;
dat ek later kan weet hoe swerms
duiwe van die dakke waai,
en dat ek, as ek wil,
later kan lees van ‘n liggeel
dag en van jou hier langes my.”
~ Wilma Stockenstrom

Loosely translated:
“Of all my pale yellow days
I make a note of this one;
so that I’ll remember later on
how flocks of doves drift from rooftops
and so that I’d be able to, if I wanted,
read about a pale yellow day
and about you here beside me”

Yes, I’ve been falling in love all over again.

After a wonderful December holiday, I’ve had to put on my big girl panties for 2012! (And not only due to my mother’s excellent cooking or my growing preggie belly..)

I’ve now been a single, pregnant (33 weeks at the moment), working mom for more than 2 weeks. Do I need to mention that it’s been tough? Fortunately my sweet MIL is soon coming to stay with me. We get along very well and my little girl adores her.

Looking at December photies of my ‘baby’, I realized that I my chubby little baby angel is no longer. She is now a delightful, lively little girl and of course at times a real handful!

My little lady (10 December):

The only bike I ever want to see her on! (10 December):

Surf’s up! Loving the ocean.

Bye, bye, my darling baby angel. Hello, sweet little lady.

Shame, my little darling is missing her daddy terribly and keeps on asking where he is. There’s a sadness in her little soul and I suppose she doesn’t know whether she’ll ever see him again.

I miss him so much too.

Without him, the world around me changes
The trees are bare and everywhere the streets are full of strangers
– from Les Miserables

I have so many posts in my head, but whenever I sit down in front of my home computer, a pair of tiny hands find their way unto my keyboard and starts ‘helping’ with the typing. I’ve actually had to restart the poor confused machine once or twice after my little angel enthusiastically tried to help mommy write emails.

I hope to soon (enough) tell more in a next post of how DH and I are reinventing our lives this year. Some tough times ahead, some exciting times ahead..

All the best to you all for a fabulous 2012.

Some pics to show what my lively little girl has been up to in the past few weeks.

4 September:
Spot the prettiest flower in Langebaan. (Hint, she’s wearing a pink hat.)

5 September:
Totally pulling off the just-out-of-bed look.

18 September:
How to do your shopping on a cold day.

6 August:
Helping mommy in the garden.

24 September:
Daddy bought the T-shirt. “If I you think I’m cute, wait till you see my brother!”

14 October:
Whoops, I need a quick bath after I threw up. Feeling much better now!

24 October:
Just the hat to finish off this outfit, mommy!

19 November:
Off to swimming lessons. I’d better look cute enough for the both of us, since my pregnant mommy sure isn’t helping..

Her mommy is currently considerably less energetic. I’ve been very tired throughout the 2nd trimester, which was very unexpected. With my little girl, I had an awesome second trimester and I even remember feeling very well throughout the third trimester (which by the way started today for this pregnancy!).

These are my favourite holiday pics, all taken in the Kruger Park. Hmm.. wait, they all happen to be of my baby angel, someone who has according to my darling husband definitely surpassed her mommy in beauty! Guess I can’t argue, hey?

Hitching a ride on daddy’s back

Bathtime fun

Lunchtime fun

Having a chucle in the arms of my brother in law during a picnic at Afsaal

Most of the footage I took of animals are also really footage showing my ‘babaliefie’ looking at animals through the car window.

How times have changed. How we love things the way things are now.

Since I did such a bad job of keeping my blog updated, I’ll try to make up for it by posting pics of the last 3 months. To me, these are surely worth a few thousand words. 🙂

In the kitchen sink (2 March):

Struggling to get rid of thrush (13 March):

Pretty as a flower in her new winter clothes (23 March):

“I’m standing” (3 April):

“Goeiemôre, my sonskyn!”, on Blouberg beach (10 April):


Baby shopping (12 April):

Picnic in Kirstenbosch (22 April):

Clapping hands:

Eyes as blue as the sea (and face full of breakfast):

Daddy’s girl:

And one of my favourites.. It was taken on a cellphone at 4 am (17 April), but what the photo lacks in quality is made up for by the excitement on that little face! “Oh wonderful! Now everyone is awake, the light is on and we can play and do stuff!”

P.S. Thanks for the blogging award, Chops (! Will come back to that one when I have a minute..

We took our ‘babaliefie’ camping in the Winterhoek mountains near Porterville last weekend.

I was a bit hesitant to go camping with a baby, but it was only for one night so I thought it couldn’t be too much of a disaster. It was DH’s birthday and I could see that he badly wanted to take his women camping.

It turned out she’s such a little trooper! She loved it and was as cheerful, happy and chatty as I’ve ever seen her. Friends that went with said they’ve never seen such a happy and content little baby.

Aah, and she’s so very cute.

Just look at my pretty baby, sitting all by herself! *proud*

She’ll be 6 months old tomorrow.


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