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My little star is weighing about 5 kg, so twice her weight on take-baby-home day. I love breastfeeding her. To me there’s something almost holy in those intimate moments when she’s drinking quietly and contently, her tiny body pressed against mine. (If we can ignore those fussy evening feeds for a minute here!)

As for sleeping, uhm, well.. stars are brightest at night, right? She takes after her never-tired daddy.. She still wakes up every two hours to visit Mommy’s Diner, roughly 12 am, 2 am, 4 am and again at 6. During the day, LO can go without sleep for up to about 6 hours! I often spend half an hour getting her to sleep – then after 15 minutes of sleep, she opens those big blue eyes, gives me a big grin and wants to be held, carried around, entertained or whatnot again!

She hates dummies, Telament drops, vaccinations, those frequent stomach cramps and sitting in the same spot for long.

She loves baths, her swing, her daddy, gripe water, lullabies and mommy’s breast (a restaurant, snack bar, pacifier and pillow all in one!).

I still spend a significant amount of time on work tasks, or stressing about work deadlines even though I’m on maternity leave till mid November. I’ve dropped out of my UNISA studies this semester – finding no time for the assignments. Sigh.

So in short, LO is doing well, DH is still the proudest dad ever and I’m the lucky, if utterly exhausted mommy of the most amazing little one.


Just wanted to say that things on my side is not only fine – it’s totally awesome!!

Will post LOs’s birth story when (and if) I ever have a minute again. Her names mean brightest star and this couldn’t be more appropriate.

It’s been a busy week to say the least, as I’m having to cram the last 4 weeks of preparation for birth and the first week with LO into the same week

We brought LO home on Monday (after her birth on Saturday). She was under 2.5 kgs on discharge, but is incredibly healthy and strong. She sleeps like an angel and feeds like a ravenous little tiger cub, but without really hurting me. She very seldom cries.

Will give the details later, but she was born ‘naturally’ (!) and all went very well. Only hiccup was that the placenta was stuck, so I was rushed into theatre to get that sorted – which was not too bad. Had some lovely sleepy sleep time while DH bonded with our angel.


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